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Märzen Lager
Märzen Lager
R 25.00
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ABV: 5.5% • Colour: 23 EBE • Bitterness: 19 IBU

    The South African beer market has been flooded by light lagers that are easy drinking but lack distinct character. We are changing that. Our reply is a complex German Märzen Lager – also known as an Oktoberfest Lager. This beer is traditionally brewed in Spring, lagered in cold cellars or caves over the summer, and then served at the Oktoberfest celebration in Autumn. However, we have added a more complex twist to our beer by fermenting it at ale temperatures, resulting in a “steamed” lager. This gives it much more CHARACTER than other lagers. It showcases the German malt flavours but is not too filling or heavy, making it a session beer. The reddish-copper suggests a slightly toasty taste and is balanced by a moderate hop finish. This is an anytime-anywhere beer.